thermostatic shower system

Item code: 3844
Function: 2F
Finish: Chrome
Material: Plastic Waterway / Brass Shell
Collocation: RSH-4216(Φ250mm) / HHS-4252




The easy-to-use Safe Stop feature limits the water temperature to a maximum of 49˚C. With different spray options you can be assured of an invigorating shower experience time after time. Completed in a scratch resistant chrome finish, you can expect this shower system to remain gleaming for years to come

Safe Stop feature limits the water temperature to a maximum of 49˚C

Shinning finishes resist corrosion and tarnishing.

The shower bar height is adjustable.

Easily slide shower holder with button.

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    • Metal construction shower system.
    • Height & install to wall distance adjustable 30*15mm rectangle brass shower column
    • Silent plastic button slider with high quality and lifecycle.
    • High strength engineering plastics waterway for Lead free & anti scald.
    • G ¾ standard connection with S connect
    • Rotate handle to select rain shower or hand shower
    • Temperature controlled with soft click button & rotate
    •KEROX diverter cartridge
    •VERNET thermostatic cartridge
    • EN1112 for hand showers
    • EN1111&EN 817 for thermostatic valve
    • EN1113 for shower hose

    3844 (2)

    Clean and Care
    ● Clean the fixed shower head without moving it while you can soak and disassemble the detachable showerhead.
    ● You will need a soft sponge and microfiber towel, zip lock bag, rubber band, white vinegar, baking soda, a soft toothbrush, and a toothpick. Mix equal parts of water and vinegar then add baking soda in the zip lock bag. Soak the showerhead in the solution by tying the rubber band over the zip lock and leave it overnight.
    ● Rinse the inlets on the surface of the showerhead. Use a toothbrush or toothpick to remove all the build-up. Turn on your water to rinse all the vinegar and dirt out.
    ● Cleaning the surfaces on your faucet. Use a damp cloth to wipe off the water spots. If you happen to be using hard water or your water filter isn’t working, wipe the surface using a vinegar solution.
    ● Ensure that all leaks are repaired immediately.
    ● Avoid using harsh chemicals, abrasives, and bleach as they might damage the finishing on your shower fixtures and panels.


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