Thermostat Shower Mixer

Item code: 3844
Single function
Cartridge: Thermostat valve
Body: Brass
Handle: Plastic
Different finishes available




Francia shower mixer combines with thermostatic temperature control, compared with the ordinary shower, the thermostatic bath mixer can automatically balance the cold and hot water pressure to maintain water temperature stable in a quick time, eliminating the need for manual adjustment.

Thermostat Cartridges: accurate temperature control, more secure in use

Chrome surface treatment which ensures continuing stability, as well as the long lasting high performance.

Anti-scalding design, No need to worry about burns

Metal Construction: Built for durability and dependability

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    • volume control for 1 outlet.
    • Thermostatic valve with international cartridge for 40 centigrade everyday use.
    • Maximum temperature 49 centigrade for scalding protection.

    • Durable metal construction for long life.
    • Runner finishes resist corrosion and tarnishing.

    • pushbutton style switch.
    • Temperature controlled by pushbutton.

    • Thermostatic cartridge.

    • Compliance to WARS/ACS/KTW/DVGW and EN817 all applicable
    requirements referenced.

    Francia Thermostat Shower Mixer

    Safety Notes
    Gloves should be worn during installation to prevent crushing and cutting injuries.
    The hot and cold supplies must be of equal pressures.

    Installation Instructions
    • Always turn water supply OFF before removing existing faucet or disassembling the valve.
    • Prior to installation, inspect the product for transport damages.
    After it has been installed, no transport or surface damage will be honored.
    • The pipes and the fixture must be installed, flushed and tested as per the applicable standards.
    • The plumbing codes applicable in the respective countries must be observed.

    Cleaning and Care
    Care should be given to the cleaning of this product. Although its finish is extremely durable, it can be damaged by harsh cleaners or polish.  To clean, Simply rinse the product clean with clear water, dry with a soft cotton flannel cloth.


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