Automatic Portable Foam Soap Dispenser

Item code: 9355
Capacity: 320ml
Lifecycle : 200,000 times
Infrared sensor
Foam pump driven by 4 AA batteries
Finish: White




A soft square design bring a new style to your bathroom or kitchen, put your hand in front of it, give you the softest foam soap to help clean hands, let your family fall in love with hand washing and keep healthy, let virus go away.

Infrared sensor foaming soap dispenser, without touch soap or press soap pump

Durable ABS and plastic construction for long life,

with Battery/Recharged versions for your choice

Large capacity 320ml/11oz, no need to worry about refill liquid frequently.

Miniature high efficiency motor, fast liquid distribute , and long life.

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  • Features
    • Works with foaming soap or liquid soap.
    • Built in a precise infrared motion sensor, and quickly foaming.
    • Features hygienic, touchless operation.
    • Soap pump noise ≤60dB,lifecycle 200 thousand times.
    • Power: Rechargeable battery 1800mah, last for about 6 months use.
    • 4pcs AAA batteries. Last for about 6 months use .
    • Type-c connector for recharge.
    • IPX4 water proof.

    • Durable ABS and plastic construction for long life.
    • Runner finishes resist corrosion and tarnishing.

    • Compliance to WARS/ACS/KTW/DVGW and EN817 all applicable
    requirements referenced.

    Foamer Automatic Portable Foam Soap Dispenser

    • Do not immerse the product in water to avoid circuit damage.
    • Please check the power regularly and charge the product (rechargeable version).
    • If the soap drops on the ground after replacement, clean it in time to avoid falling.

    Cleaning and Care
    Care should be given to the cleaning of this product. Although its finish is extremely durable,
    it can be damaged by harsh cleaners or polish.  To clean, Simply rinse the product clean with clear water,
    dry with a soft cotton flannel cloth.


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