Sliding Bar

Item code: 4280
Type: Button Slider
Tube Dimension: Dia20.6/22/25*700mm
Tube Material: Brass or S.S
Finish: Chrome




Shower height and angle can be easily adjusted to accommodate both kids and adults, providing perfect shower experience for every family member. The shower bracket extender can help to ensure your shower stay in the bracket. It can prevent shower from falling down or wobbling, allowing you to enjoy hands-free showering.

Installation length adjustable

Three tube diameters are available

Quick installation bracket

Button Slider

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    Standard Length: 700mm
    Tube dimension: 20.6/22/25mm
    Quick install wall bracket with screws & wall-mount


    Brass or S.S tube
    Plastic wall bracket and slider

    4280 Synder sliding bar (2)

    Clean and Care
    ● Cleaning the surfaces. Use a damp cloth to wipe off the water spots. If you happen to be using hard water or your water filter isn’t working, wipe the surface using a vinegar solution.
    ● Avoid using harsh chemicals, abrasives, and bleach as they might damage the finishing on your shower fixtures and panels.


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