3 Functions Hand Shower

Item code: 4262
Function: 3F
Function switch: Slide selection
Finish: Chrome or black
Face plate: White or chrome
Spray: Wide coverage massage spray/ Filar spray/Mix*1




You could simply switch spray mode by smooth slide button. Great for showering yourself or your loved ones and pets, as well as for keeping your shower and tub clean.

120mm large face plate

0.4mm bore diameter nozzle

Slide switch button

Standard compliance KTW,W270,DVGW,ACS

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  • Features:

    · Three functions with soft thumb slide selection.
    · Black or white faceplate.
    · Connection with G1/2 Thread.
    · Flowrate:2.5 GPM

    · Codes/Standards
    · EN1112/GB18145


    · KTW,W270,DVGW,ACS compliance.


    Clean and Care

    ● Use a soft, clean cloth, but never abrasive agents such as sponge scourers or micro fiber cloths.
    ● Do not use any steam cleaners, since high temperatures can damage the shower.
    ● Use only mild detergents, for example those that are citric acid-based.
    ● Do not use any cleaning agents containing hydrochloric acid, formic acid, chlorine bleach or acetic acid, as these can lead to significant damage. Cleaners containing phosphoric acid can only be used to a limited extent. Never mix cleaning agents!
    ● Never spray cleaning agents directly onto showers, since spray mist can get into the shower and cause damage.
    ● It’s best to spray the cleaning agent onto a soft cloth, and use this to wipe the surfaces.
    ● Thoroughly rinse your showers with clean water after cleaning, and thoroughly flush the shower head through with water.


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